General Questions

Help! I'm having technical issues!

We are always improving and streamlining our website. If you are experiencing technical issues here are a few tips to try to fix them. - We recommend using Chrome to browse our website. Our site is tested with and is functional with most browsers. However, you must make sure all your browsers are updated to the current version. - Sometimes clearing your cookies can help. - If you are having issues with your account, please ensure all your account information is updated and current. Also, if you are a new user please make sure to confirm your account. - If you are still having issues, please feel free to contact us.

What is Divine Consignment & Stellar Finds (DCSF)?

Divine Consignment & Stellar Finds ("DCSF") is a home furnishings and decor consignment store with online presence. We provide a marketplace where buying of high-end furnishings and decor objects is safe, easy and convenient. We can organize the pick up of merchandise from sellers, display, and sell them on a priced-to-sell model in our store and or online. Buyers can browse our hand-picked items from the comfort of their homes. Once they find the item they love, they can drop in to pick it up or we can have it shipped it to them in no-time. We take the stress out of buying and selling of unique hand-picked items of furniture and décor.

Why should I use DCSF?

We are a full service marketplace, so as consignor, if you so decide we can assist by having your items picked up by third party transportation contractors. The pick-up fee, a function of distance, size and number of items is negotiated by consignors and the contractor. As we only accept items that we believe we can quickly sell, we normally first qualify the items by examining pictures of the items before arranging for a physical examination of the items. As a buyer, you are welcome to visit our store in Toronto and purchase items you love there or alternatively, you can order any item on our website in the comfort and safety of your home. 

What is consignment?

Consignment is where for a fee we sell your item while you keep its ownership until it sells. The terms and conditions of the consignment is formalized in our Consignment Agreement Here.

How long will it take for my items to go on sale?

Our aim is to setup your item for sale as soon as possible. There are however occasions when there is unintended delay in presenting the merchandise we receive up for sale. If you are particularly concerned and would like to have your item put up for sale in priority, please feel free to call us with your request. Regardless, the consignment period will not begin until an item goes live on our site.

Do you offer rentals?

We do not offer rentals. You can always purchase the pieces and then sell them on consignment once you no longer need the pieces.

Where can I see the full consignment agreement

A sample consignment agreement can be found here .Please also read about consignment and ourSelling FAQ for more detailed information about consignment process. If there are still unanswered questions please feel free to Contact Us

What do I do when I receive email requesting additional information?

When we review a submission, sometimes we need more information to help us with an accurate appraisal. If we need additional information, we may send you an email. Please follow the instructions in the email and provide the information requested. If you require clarification, please feel free to call us.

What if an item I am selling is returned

All our sales are final with no return, exchange or refund.  

Buying FAQ

What is DCSF return policy?

All our sales are final with return, exchange or refund. 

If I want to buy an item, how will the process work?

If you are in the market for high-end new, like-new or previously-owned furnishings and decor, there is no easier way than purchasing any of our hand-picked items at our store or online. For the first time in the industry, you can buy any of our items any time at any of the pre-determined price levels. We call this pricing system “PriceLock” system. PriceLock works like this; when you find an item that you love and would like to purchase, you can add it to your shopping cart at the desired price level available at the time of your visit. If the selected price is less than the price currently on offer, your purchase is a provisional one. A provisionally sold item turns into unconditional sale only if the item does not sell at a higher price prior to validation date of the selected price level. In other words, if the item sells at a higher price before the lower price become validated then the provisional sale is cancelled. On cancellation of a provisional sale, the purchaser is immediately notified and sale proceeds of item are refunded in full

What forms of payment we accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, and MasterCard) for online transactions. For in store sales we accept cash, debit and card cards. We do not accept cheques or American Express credit card.

Can I see an item in-person before buying it?

Of course you can! In fact we strongly recommend that if possible, you visit the showroom to closely examine the item you are interested in. This way, you are absolutely sure that the item is exactly as you expect. Please note that all our sales are final with no returns, exchanges or refund. 

What do the different product conditions mean?

At DCSF we conduct business in most transparent way possible. As such, the condition of every item we offer for sale is systematically assessed and labeled in the following three categories:

  New: It's brand new! but not necessarily in box.

  Gently Used: Items that are in good condition overall with few signs of prior use. (This is the majority of items submitted to our marketplace). If an item is not marked as New or Vintage it should be considered as "Gently Used"

  Vintage: “Vintage” items are pieces that are 30 years old, or older, and exhibit an exceptional quality or characteristic. “Vintage” items range from “Gently Used” to “Used”.

Delivery and Pickup FAQ

How far do we go to deliver?

We organize the delivery of your item anywhere. However, deliveries contracted out to third parties may not be exactly scheduled or priced. As such, we do not schedule a pre-determined date for such deliveries. 

Can I pick up an item instead of having it delivered?

Of course you can. In fact we encourage that you pick up your item where you can inspect the item before taking delivery of it.

Can an item be delivered to US and Canada wide?

We organize shipment to any address in Canada and US.

What if the item is not what I expected when it is delivered to me?

As a consignment store we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. As such all our sales are final. We highly recommend that you carefully consider each item before you buy. All items are sold on "as is" basis.  Should you have a question with regards to any item, please feel free to contact us before you purchase. 

Sellers FAQ

What types of items does DCSF accept?

We accept a variety of home furnishings and decor objects on consignment. The complete list of items that we do not accept on consignment can be found here

What is the Consignment Fee?

Consignment Fee is what we charge as commission to sell your item and is a percentage of the final selling price of the item sold. Since the higher the sale price, the higher is the Consignment Fee; it is in our mutual interest to sell your item for the highest price possible. Consignment Fee helps us to recover our operating costs and compensate us for our efforts. The Consignment Fee which is part of the terms and conditions of consignment, can vary from one case to another, however it is normally set at 50%+ of the final sale price of the item sold.

I don't have pictures; can I complete a submission without them?

Our appraisers rely on images to assess the suitability and value your item, so we are unable to process a submission that contains inaccurate, dark, blurry, stock or no pictures. All submissions require pictures of the item(s) you wish to consign with us - even if the item is new in box or wrapped in storage. For your convenience, in situations when there are a large number of items to be consigned, we can arrange for a on-location physical assessment to be conducted in which case there is no need for any submission. 

Can I email my submission instead of using the site?

Yes, you can upload, mail or email your submissions.

How are the prices set?

DCSF is a dynamic marketplace with constantly changing inventory. We appraise the value of your items based on our experience and selling price of similar items in our current or past inventory. When submitting an item you can suggest an asking price, the lowest acceptable price, and the estimated original price. Please see below for more information about asking and lowest acceptable price. We will consider the estimates that you provide, however as we are emotionally unattached to your items and are knowledgeable of current prices of similar items, we may need to change your suggested price to be able to consign the item. We will naturally notify you of the price range that we think your item will sell for and can be consigned. If you are not sure how to price your item, you can ask us to price it for you.

What is the difference between original, asking, and lowest asking price?

Original price: The original price is the price the item was purchased for. If you're unsure of what you paid for the item you can guess the original value.

Asking Price: The price you would ideally like to sell the item for. If considered reasonable, this is the price at which your item will be listed for. Depending on the terms of your Consignment Agreement , typically the initial listing prices of your item is automatically marked down by a fraction periodically (e.g. monthly by 15%).

Lowest Asking Price: This is the lowest price you are willing to accept if the item does not sell at progressively reduced prices during the consignment listing period. If you prefer not to have the price lowered any further, after expiry of the listing period, the item will be returned to your or disposed as per your instruction.

How can I add or remove a new item to an existing submission?

We can only accept items which have been approved by us prior to drop off. Accordingly, if you’d like to add an item to a submission which has not been approved, you can have us process your order as described above by making a new submission. On the other hand, if you would like to remove an item from your submission, you can instruct us by sending us an email at

How can I check the status of my submission?

You can check the current status of any of your accepted items by visiting our site.  Alternatively, you can call us and one of our friendly customer care personnel will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry. In any event, if your share of the proceeds of the sale is more than $30.00, you will be notified of the sale by email not later than the middle of the month following the month in which one or more of your items sold.

What happens once my item sells?

On sale of your item you will be paid your share of sale proceeds. However, the payout will become available to you by the last day of the month following the month in which the sale completed. Depending on the situation, we favourably consider an earlier payout upon request.

What happens if my item doesn't sell?

If by the expiry of the consignment period your item does not sell, we may email you to remind you of your options. You can choose to pick up your item, have it donated, or put your item on flash sale (this will automatically price the item for a quick sale with mutual agreement). If within 7 days of the date of our reminder email your response is not received, we will assume you no longer want the item(s) and forego its ownership. Should this happen your item becomes our property and we will dispose of it at our own discretion

Payout FAQ

How long will it take me to get paid?

Provided that your share of the sale proceeds is more than $30.00, the payout value will be available to you on the last day of the month following the month of sale. Once the payout is made available, you can direct us to mail your payout check or keep it for you to pick up.

My items sold! How do I get my money?

Congratulations! Your old item(s) now have a new, loving home. Upon the sale of your item for which your share of proceeds is more than $30.00, we will email you an Account Summary showing, among other things, the amount due to you. We can pay you by cheque in which case you can either pick it up or we can have it mailed to you.