Consignment Process Explained

The consignment process begins by contacting us. You can do this directly here or by phone or email to let us know about your consignment intentions. The steps in the consignment process are explained below:

Before you submit

  • Great Photos - Dazzle our appraisers by the great photos of your item. We recommend snapping photos in bright and direct light (e.g. sunlight, no back lighting). Please also include photos of any awesome details or damage.
  • We consign all types of home furnishings and decor. However, we are currently unable to consign certain item such as: mattresses, box springs, cribs/baby Furniture, electronics, and sofa beds. A complete list of items we do not accept for consignment can be found here.
  • Pickup Services -  We do not provide pickup services. However, upon your request we can organize a third party moving organization to contact you relative to the pickup and delivery services it provides. We do not participate in the negotiation of the cost of delivery and have no direct or indirect interest in the moving organizations we refer, financial or otherwise.  As such the decision to hire the moving organization we refer rests entirely with you, rendering us totally free of any responsibilty or liability with respect to the services that the moving organization provides.  Should you have any question in this regard please contact us.

After you submit

  • Acknowledgement -  We will email you to acknowledge receipt of your submission and whether a home inspection is necessary to complete the assessment process.
  • Incomplete information - For various reasons (dark/cropped photos, unclear item information, etc.), our appraisers may request additional information so they can accurately review, approve, and price your items.
  • Scheduling a drop off  - Upon approval of the submitted items we will contact you to discuss the terms and conditions of the consignment (see a copy of the consignment agreement here). Upon mutual agreement we schedule a time for the drop off of your approved items.


  • Presentation for sale - Our goal is to present items for sale just as soon as they come in. However, we have to process items on a first-in first-out basis which sometimes results in a delay in presentation of your item.
  • Listing period - We will list your item for the listing period (e.g. 90 days). The initial listing price of the item, if unsold is periodically reduced as per Consignment Agreement. The reduction in listing price is to stimulate interest in the items and promote its sale.
  • Expiry of listing period - In the event that your item(s) do not sell within the listing period, we may email you of the fact so that you can pick up your item(s) of have them donated to a local charity, or put them on flash sale (which will automatically price the item(s) for a quick sale).
  • Any question, any time: should you have any question with respect to any of your consigned items you are encouraged to visit our website or to contact us.


  • Consignment fee - Our fee is typically set at 50% of the proceeds of the sale of each item we sell. The consignment fee is part of the terms and conditions of the consignment and is documented in the Consignment Agreement. Review a sample copy of our Consignment Agreement here.
  • Payouts - All payouts will be available for disbursement on the last day of the month following the month in which the sale was made. Earlier payout will be considered upon consignor's request. The payout checks can be picked up at the store or mailed to your address on request.