About Us

Who We Are

We are Toronto’s premier purchaser and consignment organization specializing in fine and beautiful home furnishings and decor. Our online showroom exhibits hand-selected, locally consigned pieces, as well as items purchased from different sources in Canada and United States. For years, we have been offering high-end furniture, antique lighting, fine carpets, crystal & china, decorative accessories, and garden vintage objects.  We ship throughout Canada as well as to the United States. Please shop with confidence at our online showroom or come and see us at 100 The East Mall, Unit 8, Toronto, Ontario Canada

What We Really Do?

We retail individually selected New or Like-New home furnishings and décor at values well below retail prices. Unlike dollar or no-frills stores, our lower pricing is NOT achieved by lowering the quality of our merchandise. To the contrary, our products are of such excellent quality that you are unlikely to find at regular retail stores.

Our Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate, especially to the young families and individuals that not only good quality home furnishings and décor can enhance the quality of life but they can also be economically more advantageous than other alternatives. 

What we can do for you


We offer at gentle prices our hand-picked selection of merchandise. Our inventory of products, whether new or like-new, is of such excellent quality that you are unlikely to find in today’s regular retail stores


Our unique pricing system affords our customers to buy what they love at the lowest possible price.

Consignment Services

We believe most products in general and home furnishings in particular were of much better quality than they are made today. Many of such products have been loved and enjoyed by families that are now downsizing. At Divine Consignment, in line with our mission, we finde and accept consignment of these pre-loved and gently-used products to offer them to young families of today.